project-angel-heartProject Angel Heart delivers nutritious meals to improve quality of life, at no cost, for those coping with life-threatening illness.

Dedicated members of the Denver community founded Project Angel Heart in 1991. They were determined to ensure that those living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses were receiving proper nutrition — vital in the fight against disease. Project Angel Heart initially served 12 clients from a single, donated pan of lasagna.

In 2011, Project Angel Heart delivered over 427,675 meals to 1,863 clients, free of charge. During eighteen years of phenomenal growth, our goal has always remained the same: ‘meals with love’ for men, women, and children living with life-threatening illness.

Support from the community has been unwavering since those first meals were delivered in 1991. Our delivery zone has expanded from 150 square miles of central Denver to encompass delivery boundaries that include 750 square miles of metropolitan Denver and 150 square miles in the Colorado Springs area. Such growth would not have been possible without our corps of dedicated volunteers. In 2010, 2,800 people donated 49,317 hours of their time preparing food in the kitchen, driving 69,025 miles to deliver meals to clients’ homes, helping in the office, and assisting with fundraising events.

For over 800 clients served each week, Project Angel Heart embodies stability and hope by providing nutritious meals, free of charge, and specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of each individual client. Life-threatening illnesses can drain a person’s energy and finances, threaten their dignity, limit their independence, and leave them feeling alone and vulnerable. Project Angel Heart provides life-saving nutrition necessary for physical, emotional, and financial health.